dog avatar icons

Dog Avatars

8 vector icon avatars depicting cute and popular dogs. This set is great for adding unique avatars to your website or web app or for creating pet-related marketing materials.

Dog activity icons

Dog Activities 2

Twelve vector icons of dogs depicted in various activities. The images include people walking dogs, dogs doing agility, a dog in a cone, dogs swimming, dogs taking a bath, and…

Dog activity icons

Dogs Activities 1

Fifteen vector icons depicting dogs engaged in various activities. This set is perfect for a site that provides dog-related services including registration, identification, grooming, training, and breeding.

Business, finance, and e-commerce icons in flat style

Business and Finance Icons

The Business & Finance icon set contains pictographs for business, e-commerce, marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO). For personal and commercial use on websites, mobile apps, print, and presentations.

Avatars showing diverse races, religions, nationalities, and genders

Avatar Icons

The Diversity Avatar Icons collection is an exploration of the beauty and diversity of all people regardless of race, gender, religion, ethnicity, or sexual identity.

baking illustration preview

Baking Illustration

This illustration depicts common objects associated with baking including a kitchen apron, mixer, eggs, spatula, rolling pin, cream, vanilla, whisk, chef’s cap, and egg timer.

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big-ass machines splash

Big Ass Machines

Big-Ass Machines is a collection of three icons/illustrations of heavy equipment and earth movers. I will be adding more vehicles to this set in the future but if there is…

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walk about illustration splash

Travel Illustration

This vector illustration depicts the concept of travel and includes a camera, boarding pass, passport, backpack, flip flops, Hawaiian shirt, post card, sketch book, and photographs. The illustration is formatted…

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responsive design splash

Responsive Design Illustration

A flat-style illustration depicting an online store web page as it would be displayed on Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile Phone. The illustration is meant to communicate the concept of responsive…

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