Dog Activity Icons Set 02 by USD 9.00

This set of dog icons includes 12 individual vector icons in SVG format as well as an Adobe Illustrator master file, and PNG files in 4 sizes.

Dogs in Space

Did you know that the very first living being to travel in outer space was a dog named Laika? Laika was a stray found on the streets of Moscow and was launched into space on November 3, 1957.

Dog With a Leash

There is no mistaking that this sweet dog wants to go for a walk.=

Dog Drinking

It’s probably not the healthiest water to drink, but this is a pretty accurate depiction of a dog drinking from a pond.

Dog agility

Many dog breeds need to work and need lots of exercise. Dog agility is a great way to stimulate their minds and get a good workout.

Dog with a Bone

This pup looks pretty happy with a huge bone in his dog bowl.


A Welsh Corgi in front of a city scene.

Dog Swimming

This collection has two different versions of the dog swimming. One has the dog swimming with a blue sky background. The other has a dog swimming with lots of green trees on the shore.

Woman Walking a Dog

This dog icon depicts a blond-haired woman taking a yellow Labrador Retriever for walk.

Man Walking a Dog

This dog icon depicts a man taking a yellow Labrador Retriever for walk.

Dog Playing Fetch

This happy dog is chasing her favorite tennis ball. Fetch, girl!

Dog in Cone

This poor dog had to get stitches so his head is in a cone while he heals.

Pit Bull Terrier Icon

This is an icon of an un-cropped Pit Bull Terrier.

If you need any icon that doesn’t appear in the set, please use our Contact Page and we will be happy to quote a price for a custom icon design.

  • 12 unique vector icons
  • Individual SVG files
  • Individual PNG files in 4 sizes
  • Composite Adobe Illustrator file
  • Custom Icon Design Available