Dog Activity Icons Set 01 by USD 9.00

This set of Dog Activity icons is perfect for dog-related websites that have customer or user accounts. The set includes vector icons depicting account information, dog training and dog trainers, dog grooming, a dog calendar of events, a mother dog with her puppy, photos of dogs for “my dogs”, dog kennel and boarding, dog agility, and dog

Dog Grooming Icon

The dog grooming icon takes a humorous approach depicting the dog bathing in a tub with shower cap and his favorite rubber ducky.

Mother Dog and Puppy Icon

The mother dog and puppy icon is depicted with two different poses.

Dog Training Icon

The dog training icon shows a hand giving the “stay” command and a yellow Labrador Retriever puppy happily barking his reply.

Dog photos

There are dog photos showing different breeds of dogs as well as “toofs” dog smiling and showing her pearly whites.

Dog Kennel Icon

The dog kennel icon depicts a Great Dane and Yellow Labrador Retriever in front of a modern-looking kennel.

Dog Identification Icon

The dog identification icon depicts a red and white dog photo on an ID badge.

Dog Services

An icon of a man in a tuxedo, like a butler, with photos of dogs.

Dog awards

There are two different icons of dogs and awards. One shows a dog with a ribbon and the other a dog with trophies.

Dog Agility

The dog agility icon shows a yellow Labrador Retriever jumping over an obstacle.

Dog Registration

This icon shows a dog at what looks like a hotel registration desk. This icon is great for websites that have dog-related services that require registration.

Dog Notes

A list of notes with the photo of a dog. This is another great icon for a dog-related website.

If you need any icon that doesn’t appear in the set, please use our Contact Page and we will be happy to quote a price for a custom icon design.

  • 15 unique vector icons
  • Individual SVG files
  • Individual PNG files in 4 sizes
  • Composite Adobe Illustrator file
  • Custom Icon Design Available