What is an icon designer?

Icons are all around us. We are guided and informed by them every day. They help us navigate virtual and physical spaces as well as process and understand information. A well-designed icon communicate an idea as fast as our minds can think. The widespread use of icons in websites and mobile apps has brought about an entire industry of microstock icon sites. The designers who create these icons, many who make it their career, are icon designers.

More and more it has become necessary to be able to communicate across cultural and linguistic barriers, and to do so quickly. As they have done for millennia, icons communicate critical ideas between people who may not be able to communicate otherwise. From the walls of caves to rocks along common paths to human-computer interfaces, icons carry vital information from one human mind to another.

Who am I?

I love symbols. No, I mean, I’m obsessed with them and have been an icon designer for about 25 years. It all started with a project in a first year graphic design class in which we had to create three objects in black and white, using only three line weights. I was terrible at it. But I loved the idea so I kept doing it. Then I fell in love with logos and logo design. But clients can be fickle, especially when they are writing the checks and I didn’t like changing my designs to suit their whims. So I was naturally drawn to designing icons because I can design them exactly the way I want.

Please take a look around my site and feel free to download any of my free icon sets or, even better, my premium sets to help support my work. You can also hire me to create custom designs for your website, or buy individual icons from my collections on Iconfinder.