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A list of the best places to buy and sell icons

I am a developer by trade but I design and sell vector icons for websites and apps to supplement my income. Icon design is also my favorite hobby. I do not devote myself to icon sales full-time but I was the Supply-side Manager and a Sr. Developer for Iconfinder, a marketplace for buying and selling premium icons, for 3 years.  I have devoted a huge portion of my life for the past 7 years to learning everything I can about icon design, who the most talented icon designers are, and knowing the icon market inside and out.

I encounter the question, “Where are the best places to sell (or buy) icons”? This post gives the details about the top marketplaces from a seller’s standpoint.

Icons of Elements of Design T-shirt

Circle, Triangle, Square. The elements of design and all geometry have been well-understood since Euclid. Trends change, but the principles of design remain the same.

Icons of Atomic Lotus v1.0 T-shirt

The lotus flower, a symbol of purity, divinity, and rebirth. The atom, the basic building block of the universe. TBH, there is no intended 'meaning' to this design. I just like the mathematical similarities between the two shapes.