Licenses Overview

License Attribution Required Items for Sale In Web templates In a Logo? Team Members
Basic License No Up to 500 No No Up to 5
Extended License No Unlimited Yes No Unlimited
CC/GPL License Yes Unlimited Yes No Unlimited

If you have any questions, please contact me via any of the means listed in the Contact menu item above. I am happy to work with you, within reason, to find a license solution that meets your needs.

Basic License

For most customers, the Basic License will suffice. This license allows you to use the icons (up to 200 icons per project) or illustration in as many projects as you like provided the digital icons are not made available for redistribution. The Basic License covers up to 5 users within your organization. If require the icons to be used by more than 5 team members within your organization, please purchase the Extended License for unlimited seats. You may use items purchased under the standard license for personal or commercial projects. You can also use items purchased under the standard license for posters, t-shirts, or any other printed product for sale up to 500 sales. If you expect to sell more than 500 items, please purchase the Extended License. If your product for sale performs better than expected and sells more than 500 items, I use the honor system and ask that you purchase the Extended License after-the-fact. You may not use icons or illustrations purchased under the Basic License in web templates/themes. You may not redistribute them as part of a bundle or other product that makes them available in their original digital format. You  may not use artwork purchased under ANY license on this site as part of a logo or trademark.

Extended License

The Extended License allows you to use the icons (unlimited icons per project) as part of commercial projects for clients as well as part of a product for sale such as t-shirts, posters, web templates/themes, etc. You may not, however, sell the icons are part of a bundled product where the icons are the primary product being sold. You absolutely may not upload the icons to another marketplace or otherwise sell them in any manner that implies or states that you are the copyright owner. The Extended License allows an unlimited number of members of your organization to use the icons or illustration. You  may not use artwork purchased under ANY license on this site as part of a logo or trademark.

Creative Commons/GPL License

We give some items on this site away for free. Items that are given away for free are clearly indicated and are dual-licensed under the Creative Commons 3.0 BYSA license and GNU Public License 3.0. The purpose for the dual license is to allow for free use, distribution, and modification in both creative and technical products. Please note that while the price is free, still owns the full copyright to any works made available on this site, whether free or paid, and in no way transfers the copyright for any works downloaded from this site to any third party. Also note that the terms of the Creative Commons and GPL license are legally binding and attribution and a link to this site are required. If you do not agree to these terms, do not download or use the icons and/or illustrations. If you would like an exemption from the Attribution clause of the CC/GPL licenses, please contact me to make arrangements. I am very flexible and want to share my work, but I also want to protect my work as best I can.