Premium Vector Icons & Avatars

Royalty-free vector icons for web and apps

Icons of Simple Line Icons

Simple Line Icons is a collection of 600 outline vector icons in 48 x 48 pixel, un-expanded lines perfect for mobile user interfaces.

Icons of Diversity Avatar Icons

The Diversity Avatar Icons collection is an exploration of the beauty and diversity of all people regardless of race, gender, religion, ethnicity, or sexual identity.

Icons of Dog Avatars

8 vector icon avatars of cute and popular dogs. Great for adding unique avatars to your website or for creating pet-related marketing materials.

Icons of Dog Activities 2

Twelve vector icons of dogs depicted in various activities including people walking dogs, dogs doing agility, a dog in a cone, dogs swimming, dogs taking a bath.

Icons of Dog Activities 1

15 vector icons of dogs engaged in various activities.Perfect for a site that provides dog services including grooming, training, and breeding.

Icons of 15 Bike Icons in Flat Style

The collection includes beach cruisers, a road bike, mountain bike, children’s bikes and tricycle, tricked out bikes including a sweet chopper complete with ape-hanger

Icons of Bike Icons

6 high-quality vector icons of fixed-gear, BMX, and mountain bikes. Each icon is included in solid black glyph and color flat icons.

Icons of Wedding Icons

Congratulations on your big day. As a recently married man myself, I share your happiness. My wedding was the happiest day of my life and some of the most fun

Icons of Business & Finance Icons

Business & Finance icon set with pictographs for business, e-commerce, marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO).