Premium Vector Icons & Avatars

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Preview of 3D Hands Illustrations

You've seen hand gesture sets before, but not like this. 20 illustrations of various hands doing hand things in 3D style.

Preview of Abstrike Illustrations

90 unique illustrations in a 'crayon brush stroke' style. These illustrations depict everyday scenes with added impact through the clever…

Preview of Cubism Illustrations

Need something with a bit more edge? The Cubism set has you covered. 36 energetic and impactful illustrations.

Preview of Anatomy Scene Builder

210 Characters, Elements, Objects and Scenes to build your stories. The style is clean and uniform to fit a variety of project styles.

Preview of Ghost Builder Illustrations

It all starts with one line and that is the essence of this illustration pack, we all need some quiet sometimes, even in our designs.

Preview of Humanic Illustrations

Humanic is a collection of 570 illustrations - the largest of the collection - depicting a wide array of scenes and stories.

Preview of Neumorphic Illustrations

Neumorphism is a new interpretation of the 'realistic' skeumorphic style that gives depth and a solidity to interface designs.

Preview of Isometric Maps Builder

140 illustration elements in isometric style so you can mix-and-match to tell the stories you want. The vectors are fully editable.

Preview of Sticks-n-Stones Illustrations

These playful stick figures go 'back to basics' but not because we just can't draw people. 100 friendly and entertaining figures of stick…

Preview of Nude Illustrations

Don't worry, the name may say NUDE but they are completely safe for work. 68 figures simplified and stylized for universal appeal.

Preview of Surrealism Illustrations

44 hand-drawn illustrations to add whimsy and delight to your project. You can also buy this set as part of the bundle of 2,81…

Preview of Zima Blue Illustrations

A hand-drawn feel with muted colors. This pack of 100 illustrations adds a contemporary feel to your project. You can also purchase this set…