Make IconJar the Standard Icons Package Format

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Like most professional icon designers, I am happiest when I am making icons. I also make a signficant portion of my income from selling icons on marketplaces like Iconfinder, The Noun Project, Flaticon, and others. Because the icon designer’s product is licensing our creations instead of selling our time, we make more money when we make more products. But the tedious, time-consuming tasks required to to get our products onto the various marketplaces takes away from our productivity. If we spend our own time doing it, that is time we are not creating products. If we have someone else do it, it cuts into our take-home pay.

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Best Places to Sell Icons Online – Part 1

I am a developer by trade but I design and sell vector icons for websites and apps to supplement my income. Icon design is also my favorite hobby. I do not devote myself to icon sales full-time but I was the Supply-side Manager and a Sr. Developer for Iconfinder, a marketplace for buying and selling premium icons, for 3 years.  I have devoted a huge portion of my life for the past 7 years to learning everything I can about icon design, who the most talented icon designers are, and knowing the icon market inside and out.

I encounter the question, “Where are the best places to sell (or buy) icons”? This post gives the details about the top marketplaces from a seller’s standpoint.

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